Cameron Conlon Foundation

Changing lives through the arts

The Cameron Conlon Foundation has been founded to empower talented individuals in the arts through education and supporting artistic endeavours. Cameron Conlon tragically passed away in his matric year. In his short life, his passion for the Performing Arts was unmistakable and, amongst many of his talents, he showed an undeniable talent for physical theatre and clowning. He would often say, "It's not how long you live that matters, but what kind of legacy you leave." The Cameron Conlon Foundation aims to do exactly that - build on Cameron's legacy by making a difference in the world through the use of the arts.



To be a leading charitable trust supporting the arts



To empower talented individuals in the arts through artistic education and supporting various artistic en-devours



Creating opportunities for talented individuals in the art to be educated and showcase their talentsĀ 

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